FlightGear 2020.3

FlightGear is a free open-source flight simulator

If you are an airplanes fanatic, then you will really enjoy this amazing game. GlightGear is an excellent and very advanced flight simulator where you will be able to practice all your aeronautical skills and push your inner pilot into the open. This great application will let you to fly under complex and real meteorological conditions, and face all difficulties that a real pilot has to manage when is flying a real plane.

FlightGear has many different models of aircrafts, helicopters, light aircrafts, and even UFO's. The sceneries included in this amazing game are real cities recreated with a great accuracy. For instance, there are thousands of real airports programmed with hundreds of details like signaling, lights, control tower, weather conditions, etc.

In order to enjoy this outstanding simulator, first you will have to choose your aircraft type, then select a scenery where you want to play, and after that, tick many options for your game, for example, you can choose what time would like to flight, or change the graphic resolution, etc. Flight Gear will also let you to download other aircrafts and sceneries from Internet.

Remember that this application is a "real flight simulator", not a simple flying 3D game. So you will have to read the manual and all instructions to experiment very real exciting flights on your PC, because, to be a pilot of an aircraft is not as easy as it seems.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Excellent 3D graphics
  • Very real simulator


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